Line Drawings of Wooden Specs Frame Styles

Here is a link to a PDF file with full-size drawings of the six Wooden Specs frame styles.  By printing a full size drawing, you can get a better idea of the actual frame sizes and compare them to frames that you already own. Here is the link to download that file:


To ensure that this file prints the drawings at their actual size, be sure to choose “Actual Size” under “Size Options” (not “Fit” or “Shrink Overisze Pages”) in the Adobe Reader print dialog.  As a check, you can measure across the boxes on one of the pages; each box should measure exactly 6 inches across.  If the boxes do not measure 6 inches across, then there is a problem with the printout scaling.

As an alternative to printing this PDF file, you can order the Wooden Specs postcard flip book, which includes all actual-size line drawings printed on the backs of sturdy postcards and bound in a little book.  You can order that book from the Wooden Specs Etsy Store for a reasonable cost, and that cost will be deducted from the price of any frame that you order.  Here is a link to that postcard flip book for your convenience:


Please contact me if you have any questions about sizing or fit of a frame.  

Because fit is ultimately a subjective thing, please know that you always have two weeks from the time that you receive a frame to return it for a full refund if it doesn’t fit, if it doesn’t suit you or for any other reason (no questions asked!).

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